How I Saved My Wife’s Life

Posted by Todd Blankenship

It was a cold day in January and our refrigerator was low on many of the key food groups. In fact, the cupboard looked a bit bare too. And so, together, Tina and I packed up the little one and headed out to our usual grocery store to pick up a few things.

Along the way, we said hello to the mailman, something we almost NEVER do. To be honest with you, I’m not sure what our letter carrier even looks like, so to say it was a mailMAN is an inadvertent judgement on my part. Apologies, apologies all around. Continue reading


Snow, I Loathe Thee!

Posted by Todd Blankenship

As I sit here in the dark peering occasionally out the window, I ask myself ‘Why does anyone live in Winnipeg?’ ‘Why did anyone even ever decide to settle in Manitoba?’ It’s cold here. And it snows here. And then I need to go out and shovel. “Yes dear, I’ll shovel the walk today.” “Yes dear, I’ll shovel the walk again today.” “Yes dear, I’ll build a plastic dome over our property today.” Continue reading