Tina and Todd Blankenship are a young couple living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After 5 years of marriage, some ups and downs (mostly good times, though!), they have now, against all sound judgement, been pulled into the staggeringly nerdy world of blogging! (Just close your eyes, Tina, and hope for the best!)

Tina likes coolers, Todd likes scotch. Tina likes baking cupcakes, Todd likes eating them. Both agree that Picard is a better captain than Kirk. Together, they enjoy sports such as curling and softball. Some movie favourites that they share are Shawshank Redemption, The Wedding Singer and Superbad.

Like many women, Tina enjoys YouTube-ing kittens and babies. Like many men, Todd likes seeing people walk into things.

Family is important to the both of them.