Happy Anniversary to Me! (And to Todd Too)

Six years ago, a man gave his wife a blog for their anniversary. An unconventional gift for such an occasion, but he was no ordinary man. He was one of those guys who could tell you the best way to extract ear wax, in the event that it formed a plug. The kind of man who would rather steal a pie lifter from a dessert cart than bother to ask the server for a fork. A character, some might say… an introvert. A little socially awkward, but in a lovable way.

His wife, by contrast, was a loud but friendly extrovert, who would rather wear killer shoes she could not buckle herself, than settle for a plainer pair. She was afraid of the dark but loved horror movies. She was that person who screams out loud in a movie theatre if the music gets a little intense.

Today those crazy kids celebrate their 11th year of marriage. 11years of inside jokes, of sharing hugs, high fives, hurt and hardship. 11 years of waking up every morning, and choosing each other come hell or high water, because that is what it means to love unconditionally.

Todd, in all of the years we’ve been together, I have never once regretted my choice. I choose you today, tomorrow, and I’m going to keep on choosing you forever and ever, babe.

Happy Anniversary, Toddy Bear.


Tina Bean-a