Where’s the remote?

At our house, we’re no strangers to misplacing the tv remote control. Often times, we’ll find it in between cushions, underneath the couch or wrapped in a blanket. These are standard hiding spots for that darn clicker.

But I’ve implemented two strategies that help avoid that most undesirable walk to the television set to manually click the barely accessible, hidden-in-a-weird-spot-on-the-tv, non-ergonomic buttons. Of doom.


Place this basket in an easy to reach location. It should be in a spot where dropping the remote in it is almost second nature. Now you have a spot to place your remote. If you ever have misplaced your remote control, check the basket first! Don’t have a basket? Get one, then repeat number 1.


You probably have a DVD player, Bluray player or even a VCR lying around. Get the manual (or just Google it), and program these devices’ remote controls to power your tv or tv box. Place these puppies in the aforementioned basket. Next time you lose a clicker, just check the basket.

I’ve used both these strategies for a few years now, and it has saved my family much grief.

Enter: Apple tv

I enjoy my Apple tv. It’s a device that allows me to stream not only Netflix content, but many other channels (with subscription), as well as making it possible to mirror my phone screen to my tv. It’s truly a wonderful piece of technology, enabling me to essentially watch anything on the Internet, but on a large screen. One caveat: the remote was designed for toddler hands.

Measuring approximately 1.5 x 5 inches, and at only a 1/4 inch thick, this tiny device barely fits in my regular-sized man hand. Not surprisingly, it went missing a year ago.

We turned the room, and eventually the house, upside down in search of the elusive remote. But alas, it was nowhere to be found.

Fast-forward (pun intended) to about a month ago when I’m looking for change for the bus. I grab Tina’s piggy bank (which is in fact a colourful fish that was brought in as a souvenir from Mexico). As I struggle to take the cap off the bottom of the fishy bank to reveal a less than medium-sized hole evidently not designed to welcome Canadian coins, I notice an object. My eyes grow wide when I realize it’s the long lost Apple tv remote! Eureka!

Twenty minutes, three custom-made extraction tools, and about a gallon of sweat later, the Apple tv has found its way home.

A tip for those of you with children. Tell them to leave your electronics alone and to go play outside.


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