Got Chocolate Milk?

When I make a shopping list, I often ask Todd if there is anything I should add. “Chocolate milk” is Todd’s unwavering reply.

Todd LOVES chocolate milk. Every time I bring home a jug, it is gone in a flash. Just the other day, I watched as Todd downed two glasses at breakfast!

Because Todd guzzles it down so quickly, we don’t often have it in the house, and the lack of chocolatey libations turns Todd into a moaning dairy-loving zombie! Countless times I have walked into the kitchen to find him staring vacantly into the fridge. He will often let out an involuntary, and forlorn grunt of “chooocooolate miiilk!” Before closing the door and shambling away. Those cries become more frequent as the days between shopping trips stretch on.

Although he will polish off any brand of chocolate milk without hesitation, he has become a bit of a snob. Beatrice is the creamiest, and therefore, it is the best! We can never leave Costco without a jug.

For his birthday, my parents bought him a jug of the delicious cocoa moo juice. Was he ever pumped! I made Todd put it in the trunk for the ride home, fully conscious of the fact that it wouldn’t have lasted the 15 minute trip! 

Recently, Todd had been seriously ill, and had to be admitted to the hospital. He lived through two days of discomfort before he conceded that perhaps he should get medical attention. As we were waiting anxiously for a diagnosis, Todd looked at me and asked “Do you think it’s because of all the chocolate milk?” I laughed outloud and said, “Most definitely!”



One comment on “Got Chocolate Milk?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got to agree…. Beatrice is the creamiest.

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