The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Posted by Tina Blankenship

If you are reading this post, then I can reasonably assume that you are familiar with old school Sesame Street. If that is indeed the case, then you have certainly seen the iconic sketch where serious and stern Bert loses his mind when he catches lovable goofball Ernie eating cookies in bed. Now, 6 year old Tina wouldn’t DREAM of siding with Bert on this issue. However, now that I’m an adult, I hate to admit it, but I do see the validity in his argument.

I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy a little bedtime snack from time to time. It’s a guilty pleasure that Todd and I occasionally allow. Recently, Todd has made snacking in bed more of a habit. At first it didn’t bother me, but as his nightly snacks became more elaborate, it began to gnaw at me. I kept my mouth shut for a few days, reminding myself that there were worst things he could be doing. 

 The other night I was across the hall in our bathroom going about my evening routine. I could hear Todd chewing and laughing at Jimmy Fallon’s monologue. When I came in, I fumbled around in the dark until I found the edge of the bed. As I lifted up the covers to get in, my hand was suddenly engulfed by something squishy and wet! “Ew!”, I cried as I turned on the light to examine the mystery substance. It was tuna! I looked at Todd and asked why there was Tuna on my side of the bed? He laughed and said, “I thought I might have dropped some, but when I couldn’t find it, I thought I was imagining it.” That may have been enough of an explanation for him, but that was were I drew the line!

Henceforth, only dry foods like chips, nuts, crackers, and of course cookies are allowed in our bed.