It Came From The Basement!!!

Posted by Tina Blankenship

It dwells in the basement, where it lies in wait for some innocent and unsuspecting laundress, to descend to its depths. It overpowers its victim, leaving her gagging and desperately gasping for fresh air. It clings to its prey, and envelops her like a malodorous boa constrictor. Her eyes start to water, and she holds her breath as she struggles onward to the washing machine. Its stench is unrelenting, a force to be reckoned with! Hastily, she loads the washer with trembling hands. Her face, screwed up with the effort, changes rapidly from red to purple. She starts the machine and frantically flees from its reeking clutches. It is the stuff of nightmares, it will haunt you at every turn, it is…Todd’s hockey bag!

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Summer Clothes For Patios

Posted by Todd Blankenship

20130506-222502.jpgFinally, summer is at our doorstep! FINALLY! It’s May 6th, and though there is still a tiny snow dune in our backyard, the recent few days of sun are announcing a wonderful estival season of short skirts and patio beers. Continue reading